12.1"TFT LCD Display DMG12800C121_02WTC(Commercial grade)

Dwin 1280*800, Smart TFT Lcd Module


● Based on self-designed T5L ASIC,16.7M Color, 24 bit, 1280*800 Pixel TFT TN LCD;

● Capacitive touch panel;

● TTL interface with 8Pin_2.0mm connection wire;

● Download SD card or on-line serial port;

● PC software: DWIN DGUS V7.6 GUIs Development, no code skills required;

● Dual Development System: DGUS II/TA (Instruction Set);

● View Angle: 70/70/50/70(L/R/U/D);

● With GUI & OS dual-core, GUI with different controls. DWIN OS kernel is open to the user for the second-development, via DWIN OS Language or C51;



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ASIC Information
T5L2 ASIC T5L2 ASIC Developed by DWIN. Mass production in 2019,1MBytes Nor Flash on the chip, 512KBytes used to store the user database. Rewrite cycle: over 100,000 times
Color 16.7M(16777216) colors
Viewing Angle Normal viewing angle, 70°/70°/50°/70° (L/R/U/D)
Display Area(A.A) 261.12mm (W) ×163.20mm (H)
Resolution 1280×800 Pixel
Backlight LED
Brightness DMG12800C121_02WTC :440nit
Touch Parameters
Type CTP (Capacitive touch panel)
Structure Touch G+G structure with Asahi tempered glass surface cover 
Touch Mode Support point touch and drag
Surface Hardness 6H
Light Transmittance Over 90%
Life Over 1,000,000 times touch
Voltage & Current
Power Voltage 12~36V, typical value of 12V
Operation Current VCC = +12V, Backlight on,1320mA
VCC = +12V, Backlight off,230mA
Reliability Test
Working Temperature -20~70℃
Storage Temperature -30~85℃
Working Humidity 10%~90%RH, typical value of 60% RH
Baudrate 3150~3225600bps, typical value of 115200bps
Output Voltage Output 1, Iout = 1mA;3.0~3.3 V
Output 0, Iout =1mA;0~0.3 V
Input Voltage
Input 1, 2.4~5.0V
  Input 0,0~0.5V
User Interface 8Pin_2.0mm socket for power supply and serial communication. Download rate(typical value):  12KByte/s
LCM interface FPC20_1.25mm, LVDS interface
RTC Super-capacitor for power supply. Accuracy: 1s/24h. It can work for 30 days after power off 
CTP interface COB structure, IIC interface
Expand Flash 32MBytes NOR Flash, use for fonts, pictures and audio files. Rewrite cycle: over 100,000 times
Expandable to 64Mbytes NOR Flash or 48Mbytes NOR Flash + 512Mbytes,NAND Flash
Buzzer Interface 2Pin_1.25mm
SD interface FAT32. Download files by SD interface can be displayed in statistics. Download rate: 4Mb/s
Reserved module
Wi-Fi module: connect to the cloud platform for updatting remotely
USB module: download files by USB flash disk
PGT05 interface When product crashes by accident, you can use PGT05 to update DGUS
kernel and make the product recoverred
DMG10768C150_03WN Built-in Buzzer, WIFI module interface
DMG10768C150_03WTR Resistive touch screen, Built-in Buzzer,WIFI module interface
DMG10768C150_03WTC Capacitive touch screen, Built-in Buzzer,WIFI module interface

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