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Beijing Dwin Technology Co., Ltd.

Achieve Double Win, Grow Together

Company Profile

In 2003, DWIN was founded at Zhongguancun in Beijing, the "China’s Silicon Valley". DWIN has grown at an average annual rate of 65%. The company has also set up regional marketing and application support centers at Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in China as well as overseas countries such as India, Poland, Brazil and the United States, providing services for customers all over the world.

DWIN persists in changing our life with technology, continuously creates value for customers, keeps faith in "Achieve Double Win, Grow Together" and strives ahead toward the goal of "A comprehensive science and technology enterprise widely recognized by the society".

Adhering to the "win-win" business philosophy, DWIN focuses on human-machine interaction (HMI) solutions, and thus has gradually realized the development from the application R&D of intelligent LCM to the CPU design as the basis, and even the integration across the whole industry chain technology.

In 2017, T5, the first ASIC for HMI designed and developed by DWIN, was officially released. In 2019, T5L1 and T5L2 were successfully mass-produced. In 2020, T5L0 and was also officially released. T5L0 is the low cost version of T5. Up to now, DWIN's shipment of products based on T5 and T5L have reached tens of millions of pieces.

In 2021, the new generation of T5G and M3 MCU are expected to be launched. T5G is an AI quad-core HMI ASIC supporting 4K multimedia processing. M3 MCU mainly provides high cost-performance localization solutions for high performance analog signal processing.

DWIN keeps up with the development trend of IoT. As early as in 2018, DWIN successfully rolled out the cloud development platform, launching innovative and efficient AIoT solutions. DWIN Cloud Platform can help users with better remote control and data management.


DWIN possesses a large manufacturing and service base, DWIN Science Park, with a total usable area of 400,000 square meters in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. The Park is configured with 10 LCM lines, 2,500,000 pieces/month; LCD Aging for 30 days of charged screening, supporting simultaneous aging for up to 2,000,000 pieces; RTP line, 500,000 pieces/month; CTP line, 1,000,000 pieces/month; Continuously expanding lines of glass cover-plate, 2,000,000 pieces/month for target; 10 SIEMENS SMT lines, 300,000 pph; 10 automatic SMT lines with a monthly capacity of 1.6 million pieces, flexible to respond to the user's needs for small batch (less than 500 sets) trial order; Metal plate and stamping lines; Injection molding lines, etc. Additionally, over 11 suppliers related to DWIN’s core components have settled in DWIN Science Park. The highly integrated industrial chain provides a reliable guarantee for DWIN to realize rapid and high-quality product manufacturing based on research and development.

Now, At the same time, DWIN has built an excellent team of intelligent manufacturing R&D engineers devoted to improve the automation degree and intelligence level of production lines.

Additionally, through the ERP system DWIN has realized scientific, efficient and highly standardized multi-dimensional industrial chain management. The system is independently developed and continuously optimized and upgraded by DWIN. Thus, DWIN transforms the technical advantages into market advantages. DWIN goes far in the research of multi-field such as industrial automation, medical and beauty, and new energy and so on and won the trust and support of nearly 60,000 customers.